Branding, Marketing strategy & design with Soul

How visible do you dare to be? Do you choose your highest goal and how are we going to put that down?  Let’s dive into this soul destination together!

Together we discover your destination,
and translate this into a personal Brand.

Bring out your mission and vision effectively!

Corporate & identity

The appearance of the desired identity starts with a good and powerful logo design for your company or product. It is your message, your mission & vision, it is the association that people have with your company. I help you to market a service or product.

Web & interface design

Your website is the most important business card of your company. This includes a professional and up-to-date design. To ensure that your identity becomes visible and identifiable as a logo, we will search together for the right translation to an appropriate communication and appearance.

Print design

With a website alone you are not there yet. You will also want to present yourself ‘on the street’ with the help of brochures, banners, magazines, business cards, stationery, postcards, word files, etc. Together we will see what is needed and than I will start with a concept design.

Guiding you is the key for me.
During the design process we together therefore ensure a harmonization between the inside and outside world. I keep an eye on effectiveness and quality.

The role of the designer is basically that of a good host, anticipating the needs of the guest.
– Ray & Charles Eames –

01 | Ecological

In the graphic profession we have the possibility to keep account of the environment. Think of paper selection, more digital communication or CO2-neutral printing. This is always included in my advice for your design.

02 | Energetic

In advance we will agree on the price I am going to work on, that prevents surprises. For both parties we create the right energetic alignment. We will discuss this via Skype.

03 | Personal consult

Sometimes a development of a product against a blockade. It may very well be that that first deserves attention before we can continue in the process. In that case I, or someone external, will look at the processes in an extra consultation.

It is my goal to support people and organizations that contribute to a better world, which is why I volunteered my services to the following organizations.

Earth Matters (site soon online) – Minyor – One Planet One People – Dance to Heal the Earth
– by Design Bear –