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Working with a mastermind group has never been so much fun

In this process you will collaborate with other entrepreneurial people who also want to make themselves professionally visible, how cool is that. You support and advise each other and I ultimately shape your manifested logo …

Read below how …

Design your logo in collaboration with a group of up to six people. And this all from your own home.


Let’s stimulate each other in creating an attractive brand and start doing this online from a mastermind group. A process of ten weeks in which we regularly come online and creatively activate each other in a closed group.

Online route

We will come together within an online process to manifest the logo in various steps. For this I have developed a program in which we achieve a beautiful creation within ten weeks. Ofcourse i will give you all the tools to make this possible.


After you have manifested your creation, I will design your concept and bring it to a beautiful and professional result. For this we will take a closer look in a one-to-one online session.

Give shape

to your own logo

How great is this, now you can design your own logo under the guidance of me and in collaboration with a maximum of six other people. The idea behind it is above all that you shape your own company from its own strength and take the complete leed, including the design process.

You will begin to manifest your own shape, color and font to eventually share this with the group and deepen it together by asking each other critical questions and activating them to go deeper into the design and purpose that you have with it. Together with me we will realize the final design in an individual process.

If there are blockages, we can discuss this in an extra session to be taken and / or feel it more deeply. Because in the end it’s all about being able to act professionally.

here you see some logos that I have been able to design in recent years.

Let’s work together

Phase 01


The dream
Mood board

Phase 02


Design phase
Personal contact

Phase 03


Partial round

By working together I can keep the price low.

Taking an individual route is also possible. Then everything session will find one in one place. please contact me for the possibilities.
Costs individual route is € 550,-

Bear Your Logo


  • You can register until 31 DECEMBER 2019.

  • Prices are per person or per logo.
  • Prices are excluding VAT.
Bear Your Logo


  • You can take advantage of the Early Bird promotion until 11 NOVEMBER 2019.

  • Prices are per person or per logo.
  • Prices are excluding VAT.
Be quick to be an Early Bird

About me and my way of working

Since 19 years I have graduated from the University off art as a visual artist and as a designer. Indeed, I studied in two fields, put down seven projects and ran my own and wise way. The basis of my study was human awareness and contributing to a better world. In my search as a designer, the first years brought me to advertising agencies where I really learned the technical aspects of the trade.

I have been working from my own design agency for a number of years now. In this I started to focus more and more on the support of my clients in which I did not take the lead, but creatively. Over the years, a form has been created that I can now fully illuminate through this online concept.

I long to be able to serve you from this process and look forward to a lively and powerful creative flow …

If you still feel a “YES” but have a question, I look forward to your message

Wow, how nice that you wish to sign up to make yourself more visible and therefore want to collaborate with a peer group. The only condition that I set for participation is:

“To make the investment right for our time and energy, I ask you to feel inwardly whether you are really ready to receive your logo right now.”

Within this range I do not provide any process work or business counseling as standard in this package. If you do need that over time, it can be purchased extra from me or my colleagues.

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