KAIYANN ISA 150 150 BearBerry

I really enjoyed working with Berry! The idea for my logo sparked to life in the late spring of 2020, and bloomed into completion Jan 2021…  it may seem like a long time, but I tell you our co-creations were fast! When we actively worked on it, it was effortless in-tune creating! The rest of the time it took was purely the space needed for inspiration and flow to birth itself into our conscious awareness. The idea was there, but it wasn’t quite time to create it yet. However it was alive in the creation field the whole time. Once we started… boooommm

I’m super impressed at Berry’s skill to bring all the elements together into a masterpiece. I gave him pieces that felt important to me, and as if tapped into my vision, he weaved the pieces together to form a whole, that resonated with my heart and made me dance for joy. 

It is such a precious experience to create a logo that holds the energy and codes that tells the story of what it stands for. it’s like a blessing for all that will unfold from this moment on! thank you Berry for really listening, for translating the energy into my new beautiful logo, and for effortless honest co-creating…